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Michael is a Linux User. Michael is using Ubuntu. Michael uses Android. Michael owns a ThinkPad. Michael likes Canon.
Michael uses OpenOffice. Michael uses Firefox only. Michael uses Gimp instead of the internets. Michael watches his Porn with VLC.

Michael still plays Tetris.  Michael loved to play the original two titles of C&C against his brother. Michael is oldskewl. Michael is oldskewl. Michael played plus 4 years Quake 3 on a competitive level (ashlen.de)
 Michael played with his brother till Hardcore. Michael picked up WC3:TFT very late, but then was very deep in the trenches of the game. Michael likes to play now and then a short hour of ET:QW. Michael played for one year hardcore WoW. Was first on his server to tank as lvl60 in MoltenCore. But with his team only 2nd to bring down Ragnaros. I played the Quake Live Beta, but since I am on Linux ... well its supported now. Player profile; asterisk2a
Oldskewl ESR.com by Sujoy! PlanetQuake.de - I am there since 1999.


I am not a designer. I am builder.